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Entrepreneurial experience

Entrepreneurial experience

Shake Shack,Celebrities in the burger world

It is said that there are three treasures in New York, the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building and the Shake Shack Hamburg.

ShakeShack was named New York's best burger by New York, and even Obama is a fan of it.

No matter where the it is, Shake Shack's door is bound to have a long queue.

Every time the new shop is opened, local fans begin to arouse their emotions.

In 2001, Shake Shack was just a small cart selling hot dogs in Madison Park.

Shake Shack opened its first store in 2004 and went public on the NYSE in 2015.

How did a burger restaurant evolved from a hot dog car in the park become an international chain brand with more than 250 stores in more than a dozen countries in just ten years?

There are many reasons for success, but I think there are two key points.

One of the keys to ShakeShack's great success is the consistency of its menu and food.

This consistency relies on unified standards and the management training and supply chain systems behind it.

ShakeShack has a very large training team and supply chain team.

Each store will receive unified training and get a variety of basic food supplies from the supply chain system.

ShakeShack will select partners from all over the world and carefully select various ingredients.

The sauce is completely unremarkable, Shake Shack all asks for in-store homemade.

In terms of beef, they not only pay attention to the taste, but also go to the cooperative Australian farm to see if their cattle are treated well and whether the staff are friendly.

With the headquarters' training and supply chain empowerment, each new store will be effectively trained to know where to order various basic ingredients.

Many catering companies are particularly successful when they are small, but once they grow, problems will arise in various aspects such as management and supply chain.

ShakeShack relies on training and supply chain to break the bottleneck encountered by small companies in their rapid growth.

Another key to ShakeShack's success is that they knows how to cater to the needs of local people.

ShakeShack's culinary director Mark Rosadi always travels around the world, researching and creating new dishes.

When Shake Shack prepares to enter the new market, Rosadi will first experience the restaurants frequented by local food lovers.

From street food to high-end dining, and the food between the two, such as small bakeries, classic old shops including husband and wife shops, are the objects of Rosadi's inspection experience.

Before setup new shop in any location , Shake Shack does this to understand what young people like to eat in order to find inspiration for ShakeShacks menu innovations in the local market.

So that Shake Shack can integrate into the new city and local food culture.

To show the local food culture of each city, Shake Shack will also develop burgers and milkshakes in cooperation with well-known local chefs and restaurants.

For example, after Shake Shack opened the store in Hong Kong in 2017, he found Ye Yinan, the boss of Hong Kong's "Daban Building", to cooperate. Eventually, the two parties reached a cooperation and launched a delicious limited edition Shack burger.

ShakeShack has been working with well-known chefs everywhere.

Each collaboration, Shake Shack will give these chefs full autonomy.

ShakeShack only provides a general direction, there is no other limited, and the chefs can fully use their imagination.

So Shake Shack has local specialties everywhere.

For example, in Manila, you can taste the local unique citrus lemon lime soda;

In Singapore, coconut pandan leaf drinks are highly sought after by local hipsters.

There are also some good cooperative dishes that will enter the US market.

The black sesame milkshake originated in Japan is very popular in New York, with more than 700 sets sold daily.

There are many reasons for the success of ShakeShack, but the most worth learning is the standardization of training and supply chain, as well as the local personalization of cooperation with local famous chefs.

Standardization determines the quality of Shake Shack food, and personalization gives Shake Shack a popular feature among locals.

Many people think that standardization and personalization are contradictory, but masters can find a balance and skillfully combine the two into one.

For restaurant entrepreneurs who want to expand rapidly, Shake Shack is worth learning and learning from. 

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