Status and Tendency of Ice Cream Industry

Status and Tendency of Ice Cream Industry

The structure principle of soft ice cream machine

The structure principle of soft ice cream machine

  • 2020/06/13

Want to open an ice cream shop, but do you understand the structure principle of soft ice cream machine? Do you know how to judge the quality of a ice cream machine? Don’t worry, DUK ice cream machine manufacturer, the leader of the domestic soft ice cream machine industry, will explain the structural principle of the soft ice cream machine to you in details .

DUK ice cream machine R&D engineer: The core components consist of raw material cylinder and its refrigeration system, freezing cylinder and its refrigeration system, stirring blade holder, conveying device and control system. Its working process is as follows: hopper-milk mix air pump-freezing cylinder-scraper in freezing cylinder-outlet.

The structure of the hopper in soft ice cream machine: it is used to stir the fresh mix and temporarily store it. During operation, a theorist is used to control the refrigeration system, and the temperature of the hopper is controlled between -0.5 and 6.5°C.

Attention please : Some ice cream sellers use cheap ice cream powder to reduce costs. The ice cream produced this way not only taste bad, it also  damage the hopper. Ice cream provides franchisees with fresh mix  , which will turn out to a better taste and prolong the life span of the machine .

The  structure of air/milk mix pump : it is the key component of conveying equipment. It conveys the fresh mix to the freezing cylinder,  its operation is controlled by the pressure switch. DUK ice cream experts said that air and fresh mix reach the mixing area simultaneously by their own paths, and then reach the freezing cylinder by the pipe. In the refrigeration system of the hopper, the refrigerant is divided into two channels at the door of the filter drier, one reaches the hopper evaporator through the main capillary No. 10, and the other reaches the outer wall and pipe of the milk conveying pipe through the auxiliary capillary No. 12 Inside, heat exchange and pre-cool are processed to keep its temperature at about 4℃ to ensure product quality and food safety.

The structure of the Freezing cylinder : the inner surface of the freezing cylinder is its working interface, the fresh mix and air are expanded after being stirred, and cooled in the freezing cylinder to form a milkshake. After 7~11 minutes, when the product reaches the required viscosity, it is scraped by a spiral scraper and sent to the dispensing door, and the product can be dispensed by drawing the handle. The standard temperature of the product is about -7~-8℃. The engineer of DUK ice cream machine introduced that this standard temperature was very scientific. Related industry research has found that ice cream produced at -8° is perfectly shaped , which is one of the reasons why we cannot resist the tempt of the ice cream

The beater assembly: The better assembly is driven by the stirring motor through the reduction gear and the drive shaft. DUK ice cream machine uses a flexible stirring system, the stirring effect is more uniform and stable, so that the mix and air are evenly and fully mixed, and the spiral scraper simultaneously scrapes off the small ice crystals formed on the cylinder wall and pushes the formed milkshake to the freezer door

DUK ice cream machine integrates the most cutting-edge technology in the industry. It has many patent technologies including the patent of the freezing cylinder structure. The smoothness of the mouth-feel of the product is improved by about 30% compared with the ordinary ice cream machine. The details are as follows:

First, the smoothness: that is, there is no grainy texture on the mouth. The smoothness is the most typical characteristic of ice cream, that is, the entrance is melted. For the mix of the same grade, the soft ice cream machine starts smoother as soon as possible. Soft ice is semi-liquid, and its state will change, which depends on the structure of the freezing cylinder and the stirring technology. The mix in the freezing cylinder is a mixture of ice crystal particles, solid matter, fatty protein, sugar and so on. After the mixture is stirred for a long time, the ice crystals will grow up, that is, smoothie. Ordinary low-priced ice cream machines start smoothing very early because the temperature of the freezing cylinder is not low enough and the heat preservation effect is not good. The faster the cooling temperature of the freezing cylinder, the better the heat preservation effect, the longer the ice crystal polymerization time, the ice crystals are fine enough, and the performance is very good in term of smoothness.

Second, the production is stable: first, we use a proportional pump, the air and mix are fed in proportion, and the mixing is uniform and fast. Second, it is equipped with flexible stirring, which makes the stirring more uniform and makes the product more stable; third, our freezing cylinder has a structural design patent, which can cool down fast, good thermal insulation effect, longer ice crystal polymerization time, and ice crystals are fine enough to ensure its Smoothness.

3. Overrun: The overrun is adjustable from 40%-80%, and the overrun can be customized according to customer requirements;

Fourth, pasteurization system, pasteurization is divided into heat pump type and external circulation type. In order to save costs, most manufacturer use a heat pump type. We use an external circulation type. The advantage is that the heat sterilization process is more balanced, and it will not lead to protein coagulation in the fresh mix. The protein coagulation will cause ice cream dehydration and the hopper scale. (Difficult to clean), the ice cream will have a bad mouth-feel, and the taste will become worse.

Fifth, pre-cooling system, DUK ice cream machine is equipped with an independent pre-cooling system, which works separately from the refrigeration system,faster and higher output.

Sixth, the noise level, our ice cream machine uses a drive shaft mechanism, which greatly reduces the overall noise. The measured noise is about 45 decibels when running at full power, ensuring a quiet environment in the store and a good customer experience.

Welcome to share more professional knowledge of ice cream machine with us. If you have any questions about ice cream machine, you can also leave us a message, we will answer them one by one.

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