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The most easily overlooked problems in commercial kitchen decoration

The most easily overlooked problems in commercial kitchen decoration

  • 2020/06/24

For commercial kitchens, decoration is very important. If your kitchen decoration is unreasonable, it will definitely cause inconvenience in use or there is not enough space. The overall feeling of the kitchen is chaotic. What are the problems that have been overlooked? You will find out in detail below.

  According to the opinions of Inidea appliance professionals, the problems often overlooked in the decoration of commercial kitchens include the following:

   1. Make full use of effective space

   The gap between the hanging cabinet and the operating platform can generally be used. It is easy to put some utensils needed in the middle of cooking, and some can also be used as a simple rolling door to avoid dust from small appliances. Such as food processors, toasters, etc.

  2. Operating platform height

  When working in the kitchen, the height of the operating platform plays a decisive role in preventing fatigue and turning around flexibly. When you bend forward 20 degrees Celsius for a long time, it will cause a great load on your waist, and back pain will always come along in the long run. Therefore, the height of the platform must be determined according to your height.

Commercial kitchen decoration

  3. Light layout

  Kitchen lighting needs to be divided into two levels: one is lighting for the entire kitchen, and the other is lighting for washing, preparation, and operation. In the latter, local lights are usually arranged at the lower part of the wall cabinet, convenient switching devices are provided, and the current good performance range hoods are generally illuminated, which is enough for cooking.

   4. Electrical equipment embedded in the kitchen cabinet

  Now that the kitchen area is relatively moderate, electrical appliances have also been brought into the kitchen a lot more convenient. According to the different needs of each person, refrigerators, ovens, microwave ovens, dishwashers, etc. can be arranged in appropriate positions in the kitchen cabinets for easy opening and use.

   5. The low cabinets in the kitchen are best made of drawers

  Push-pull is so convenient to pick and place, and the vision is also better. The hanging cabinet is generally made of a multi-layer grid with a width of 30 to 4Ocm, and the door of the cabinet is made to be split or folded.

   6. Garbage placement

       The amount of garbage in the kitchen is large, and the smell is also large. It is easy to put in a place that is easy to dump and concealed, such as a low cabinet door under the sink, a garbage can, or a push-pull garbage drawer.

I Hope the above points will help your kitchen decoration.

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