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  • Guide for choosing a soft serve ice cream machine
    • Jun 05, 2020

    1. The texture of the output should be creamy, smooth texture and a soft consistency Aim for ice cream with a creamy, smooth texture, a soft consistency, and a full body that’s neither too airy nor too dense. To get this wonderful mouth-feel, it helps to know how different ice cream machine and techniques affect texture and consistency. When an ice-cream mixture gets poured into a machine and...

  • Soft Serve Machine Recipe
    • Jun 05, 2020

    Soft serve mix is generally sold in powder form, and only needs to be dissolved in water. Flavors options are typically limited to the classic vanilla and chocolate flavors, but other unique tastes can be achieved with flavoring syrups and neutral-flavored mixes. You can also provide delicious soft serve to your health-conscious and vegan customers with non-dairy and sugar free mixes. These mixes ...

  • The structure principle of soft ice cream machine
    • Jun 13, 2020

    Want to open an ice cream shop, but do you understand the structure principle of soft ice cream machine? Do you know how to judge the quality of a ice cream machine? Don’t worry, DUK ice cream machine manufacturer, the leader of the domestic soft ice cream machine industry, will explain the structural principle of the soft ice cream machine to you in details . DUK ice cream machine R&D enginee...

  • How to make ice cream in a Mason jar
    • Jun 18, 2020

    How to make ice cream in a Mason jar Of course we don’t need the mercury to be pushing 90 degrees to crave ice cream. It’s just that when summer hits, we want our favorite dessert even more than usual. You don’t need a special machine to make homemade ice cream. Grab a Mason jar and a couple of simple ingredients, and you can whip up delicious ice cream in no time. Mason jar recipes are normally h...

  • A Taste Of Japanese Culture: The Story Of Häagen-Dazs GREEN TEA
    • Jul 01, 2020

    A Taste Of Japanese Culture: The Story Of Häagen-Dazs GREEN TEA   Häagen-Dazs is an ice cream brand loved by people all around the world. GREEN TEA was their first Japan-exclusive flavor. Why was matcha chosen as the flavor for this ice cream? The story reveals the connection of this product to the Japanese tea ceremony, as well as Häagen-Dazs' pursuit of quality.    GREEN TEA: An E...

  • Ice cream recipe :How to make Healthy Chocolate Ice cream
    • Jul 04, 2020

    CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM RECIPE { INGREDIENTS } 2 medium sized, ripe Bananas (sliced and frozen or fresh) – see notes 2-3 Tablespoons Cocoa 1 Tablespoon Coconut Cream (other creams/milks can be substituted) OPTIONAL 1 teaspoon Vanilla Extract 1-3 teaspoons Maple Syrup/Honey (I find the Bananas are sweet enough without it) { METHOD } Place all the ingredients in a blender and process until no banana lum...

  • Health Benefits for eating ice cream
    • Jul 09, 2020

    Health Benefits for eating ice cream According to an ABC News article, women who had one scoop of low-fat ice cream a day (and men who had one and a half scoops of the same) lost 26 percent more body weight than those who didn’t. 1. Calcium is the key (weight-loss) ingredient Eating foods that are rich in calcium helps to keep your body strong and your metabolism running well. One study even ...

  • Components of ice cream machine and their functions
    • Aug 21, 2020

    Components of ice cream machine and their functions Hopper: It is used to control the operation of the refrigeration system through the thermistor , and control the temperature of the hopper between -0.5~6.5℃. It mixes the ice cream mix and temporarily stores the milk mix Air/milk mixing pump: It is a key equipment. It transports the milk mix to the freezing cylinder, and ...

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