Our products are widely used, including but not limited to Western-style restaurants, star hotel restaurants, fast-food chains, cool drinks shops, coffee shops, cinema ticket offices, convenience stores

  • DUK Soft ice cream machine used in Malaysia

    DUK ice cream machine get a warm reception in Malaysia market . These products have been contributing an outstanding sale and are superior to any similar product on the market due to their unique and popular designs, we are confident that it would benefit your sales . Our esteemed customer in Malaysia bought many ice cream machines from us and put them into their supermarkets .

  • Inidea kitchen equipment

    In the field of kitchen equipment, Inidea appliance can provide overall solutions, design and customize according to customer requirements, meet the special needs of different customers. Based on strong research and development capabilities and quality inspection systems, the reliability of related products is extremely high, and have service more than 6000 customers On May 28, 2020, Premier Li Keqiang attended the press conference and answered questions from Chinese and foreign reporters. He sa...

  • Entrepreneurial experience

    Shake Shack,Celebrities in the burger world It is said that there are three treasures in New York, the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building and the Shake Shack Hamburg. ShakeShack was named New York's best burger by New York, and even Obama is a fan of it. No matter where the it is, Shake Shack's door is bound to have a long queue. Every time the new shop is opened, local fans begin to arouse their emotions. In 2001, Shake Shack was just a small cart selling hot dogs in Ma...

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Product Category

Mainly we have 4 categories, one is soft ice cream machine series,which adopt American technology with our own patents, second is Whipped machine series, design for high-end chain stores with stable quality and Overrun rate is ajustable from 0-300%. Third is soda dispenser machine series, the core spare parts are from world-grade brands to ensure the service lift. The forth is kitchen equipment series, which Have service more than 6000 customers all over the world.

  • Ice cream machine
    Ice cream machine

    Our ice cream machine design logic is drived from the Countries with advanced technology in this field such as Italy and united states,the core Components such as refrigeration system and beater assembly are also imported from world famous brand such as Honeywell and Embraco, and Achieved multiple patents. Whipped cream is a popular topping for desserts such as pie, ice cream, cupcakes. Our Professional whipped cream that design for fast food,coffee or any food and drink chain stores, the capacity is 15g per second.It is the premier machine for self-serve dessert concepts. With a simple, user-friendly design, it greatly reduces the complexities of being a machine operator. It runs consistently throughout the day, offering customers a smooth and creamy product with every serving.

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  • Soda dispenser
    Soda dispenser

    The core components of our soda dispenser are imported from advanced countries in this field, such as the United States, the whole body is made of stainless steel, and the inlet and outlet pipes are all made of food-grade materials to ensure the safety of drinks

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  • kitchen equipment
    kitchen equipment

    We provide a complete solution of Western-style kitchen,one-stop customized services according to the characteristics of kitchen and needs of customers.The product is oriented towards high-end market and perfect for chain stores or other high-end customers who have requirements of stability of production

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About us

Customization is welcome! Who we are: Guangzhou Inidea Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of high-end catering equipment integrating design, research, development, production, installation and after-sales. we have overall solution of kitchen equipment, including but not limited oven,flyer,soda dispenser, warmer cabinet,pasta cooker ect, also we have soft ice cream machine and whipped cream machine. Our advantages: The factory have an area of 10000 square meters for production, 14 modern workshops ,over 150 staff,10 professional Quality Assurance Officers ,15 powerful R & D personnel with rich experience,Focus on the production of kitchen equipment since 2011, have Served more than 6000 chain stores. Our mission, vision,values Over the past few decades, China, as the world's factory, has provided rich products for various regions of the world. However, due to various reasons, some products have failed to meet the needs of high-level consumers in terms of quality, leading to the reputation of China.  A certain amount of damage.  With the improvement of China's manufacturing capabilities and enterprise management level, improving quality and brand building is an inevitable way for Chinese manufacturing.Inidea will, as always, adhere to the concept of quality first, unite and forge ahead, encourage innovation, assume the major responsibility of the rise of national brands, seek the brand building road, and strive to create internationally renowned brands.

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Our factory

Our factory

Duk ice cream machine

Duk ice cream machine

Our team and management

Our team and management

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Our R&D team
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Asia Tourist Facilities & Public Service Exhibition 2020
2020/07/29 Asia Tourist Facilities & Public Service Exhibition 2020

Exhibition Notice Dear valued customers; We will participate in the Asia Tourist Facilities & Public Service Exhibition 2020. On behalf of our company, we sincerely welcome you and your company representatives to visit our booth. Our information about the event is as follows : Exhibition name : ...

Ice Cream Machine New Sales Representative Announcement
2020/07/24 Ice Cream Machine New Sales Representative Announcement

Ice Cream Machine New Sales Representative Announcement We are extremely pleased to accounce that Mr .AHMED HAKAMI  will be our sales representative of DUK ice cream machine in Saudi Arabic . Mr .AHMED HAKAMI is experienced and is indoubtiably a person you can count on ! After training for near...

We attended Host Milano Fair in Italy
2020/06/03 We attended Host Milano Fair in Italy

Oct 18th --22nd ,2019 ,We attended the 41st edition of Host Milano in Italy, a leader fair in the Ho.Re.Ca, food service, retail, mass distribution channel and hotel industries. It  is the favourite destination of top players for offering a preview of innovations in technologies ...

Ice cream sales to set summer afire
2020/06/05 Ice cream sales to set summer afire

Double-digit growth in China likely to continue despite epidemic impact on other sectors Of all things, it's the sweet, solid ice cream that is expected to keep sales hot in the upcoming summer even as other food market segments reel under the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.The ice cream business h...

McDonald's visits to carry out the second factory audit
2020-06-02 McDonald's visits to carry out the second factory audit

McDonald's visits to carry out the second factory audit In June 2019, McDonald's conducted the first factory audit activity for our company for the first time. After careful and prudent evaluation, McDonald believed that our company met the terms of the first round of factory audit and approved...

Our esteemed customer
2020/06/28 Our esteemed customer

Our esteemed customer "Green Style" introduced DUK ice cream machine into their chain stores Customers flocked in line to buy ice cream


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Welcome to inidea, We focus on the production of soft ice cream machine and kitchen equipment since 2008 and Serving more than 6000 chain stores,welcome to send us message about products or experience sharing


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